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A Loose-Feeling Bridge Needs Professional Attention

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When your dental bridge was installed at Jeffrey A Lowry DDS, we used a strong dental cement to anchor it in place. Inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene routine and reticence to attend your twice-annual dental checkup with Dr. Jeffrey Lowry promote poor oral hygiene. This invites a host of oral maladies, including complications from periodontal disease.

As time goes by, this bacterial presence in the surrounding gum tissues can affect the bond between the abutments and the bridge. It’s also worth noting that in some rare occasions, a blow to the face can also weaken this connection.

If any part of your bridge feels loose, it needs professional attention at our clinic. In the interim, there are a few things to keep in mind to help minimize potential complications.  

It’s important not to wiggle or play with the loose bridge with your tongue or finger. Even a small amount of movement has the potential to cause significant damage to the abutment. If one of the abutments suffers some damage, it might require a root canal before the bridge can be reinstalled in place.

If a blow to the face or hard fall has left blood or debris in your mouth, you can gently rinse the area with saltwater. Otherwise, you should not attempt to brush, floss or clean any part of the bridge or an exposed abutment. This has the potential to cause significant damage and complications. Any required cleaning measures should be left to Dr. Jeffrey Lowry’s professional tools and techniques.

If you have a loose dental bridge in Riverside, California, you should not delay in calling 951-263-7001 to have it addressed at our dental office.