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A Traumatized Dental Crown Might Require a Dental Bridge Restoration

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Dental crowns are carefully created in professional dental laboratories from materials such as gold alloy, base metals, and dental grade porcelain. This is intended to give them the strength to rival natural tooth enamel, and this restores the basic function of the previously compromised tooth.

Yet it’s still possible for a dental crown to be chipped or fractured from something like a hard blow to the mouth during sports, a household accident or some other type of severe oral trauma. In a more severe case, the damage to the dental crown and anchoring abutment might limit Dr. Jeffrey Lowry’s emergency treatment options.

In a severe case where the abutment or socket structure off the tooth has been compromised he might recommend extracting the remnants of the abutment from the periodontal socket, This can help ease the pain and allow the traumatized gum tissues to heal.

When you’re ready Dr. Jeffrey Lowry can restore the tooth with a dental bridge. This requires the creation of two anchoring abutments by removing the tooth enamel layer from each tooth.

A detailed impression will be carefully prepared of the area to serve as a guide for the dental technicians who will create your dental bridge. When it’s ready your dental bridge will be cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive.

If you are in the Riverside, California, region and you have a damaged or distressed crown, you should call 951-263-7001 to have it treated at Jeffrey A Lowry DDS’s dental office.