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Finding a Solution for Your Tooth Sensitivity

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Your tooth sensitivity may be a sign of something more serious. For instance, you may have worn or fractured tooth enamel, cavities, dental erosion or gum recession. Seeking the guidance of a professional dentist is very important. Dr. Jeffrey Lowry can help you narrow down your causal factors and then recommend proper treatment. Here are some solutions that he may suggest:

-Desensitizing toothpaste: With daily application, this toothpaste can act as a nerve blocker, diminishing or even eradicating it all together.

-Fluoride: If you have dental erosion, fluoride can help build up and maintain your dental enamel. You can get a fluoride treatment, use fluoride toothpaste, or take daily tablets.

-Covering Exposed Roots: If you have receding gums, Dr. Jeffrey Lowry can guard and cover your roots with a special coating or sealant.

-Root Canal: If your sensitivity is severe and other treatments are deteriorating, your tooth’s pulp at the center of the teeth may be impure. Dr. Jeffrey Lowry will likely recommend root canal therapy to solve the problem.

After you’ve had the right treatment, you’ll want to protect your teeth from developing sensitivity again. Revamp your oral hygiene routine. Remember to brush your teeth gently to avoid dental erosion and coat the brush with desensitizing or fluoride toothpaste. If you grind your teeth, ask Dr. Jeffrey Lowry about getting a mouth guard.

If you have sensitive teeth, you can call Jeffrey A Lowry DDS in Riverside, California, by dialing 951-263-7001.