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Signs and Symptoms of Halitosis

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Knowing the signs and symptoms of halitosis could be extremely beneficial in knowing how to properly treat it. Halitosis, also known as bad breath, is commonly caused by nasty stenches and odors from a person’s mouth. Although not all cases of bad breath are serious, underlying conditions which cause the bad breath to occur could be.

A serious yet common disease known as periodontal disease, also called gum disease, could be at fault for a person’s bad breath. Because of the condition, it can be extremely hard to treat bad breath without first treating the condition. Other causes of bad breath include bad oral hygiene, plaque buildup, respiratory tract infections, kidney problems, and liver malfunctions.

If you wish to treat bad breath, try using a strong mouthwash. Most types of mouthwash are capable of improving your breath and your smile by eliminating the bacteria causing it. However, if you have dentures, it may be that the dentures were improperly cleaned before being reinserted into your mouth and will need to be cleaned once more.

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