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Super Smile Treatments: Halitosis

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A healthy smile may depend on treatments that can eliminate risk factors to your oral health. However, in the case of bad breath, the problem may be caused by a health issue elsewhere in your body. But, you should always start by looking for the cause of halitosis, or bad breath in your mouth.

Halitosis, is the result of odors emanating from your mouth. In many situations, it may be caused by food you have eaten, lifestyle choices, or oral health ailments. The problem can also be linked to other issues in your body. Those issues can include respiratory tract infections, kidney issues and liver problems.

If you frequently suffer from bad breath, even after brushing and using mouthwash, it could be linked to gum disease. Toothaches and other infections in your mouth can also produce bad breath. Furthermore, excessive plaque buildup in your mouth, and dry mouth, are all known risk factors for bad breath.

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