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The 101 on the American Dental Association

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Have you ever been walking down the oral health aisle at the grocery store, and see products labeled with an “ADA Seal of Approval?” A lot of us have, but few of us can explain what the ADA is and why it matters.

Today, we’re going to take a few minutes to explain the importance of the ADA, and its seal, to you.

What is it?
The American Dental Association is the governing professional body for dental professionals in the country. Everyone from orthodontists to a dentist is welcome to join.

Why is it important?
The ADA sets certain standards and practices that are accepted as the bare minimum for treatment. These are generally accepted as the best standards by which a dentist can operate. These are the standards that Dr. Jeffrey Lowry will adhere strictly to.

What about the seal?
You know a lot of products are advertised to do something, but they never really live up to the hype? A product with the ADA seal is the dental world’s way of saying you won’t have that experience. In order to get the ADA seal, a product has to be proven to do what it says.

If you need help finding ADA-endorsed products, don’t worry. Our team here at Jeffrey A Lowry DDS in Riverside, California, can help. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call us at 951-263-7001.