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If you’re not brushing your pearly whites two times daily and flossing one time per day, you will most likely need dentures at some point. We’ve found that this statement doesn’t entice a number of younger people since lots of them don’t understand what dentures are. If you would like to learn more about dentures, this post is for you.

Dentures, which are also known as false teeth, are oral appliances used to replace lost pearly whites. Normally removable, dentures come in complete and partial types which are utilized dependent upon the number of missing chompers that are to be replaced. The dentures recommended by Dr. Jeffrey Lowry are custom made, and they work well for replacing the look and functionality of missing pearly whites.

Being fitted for and donning false teeth are imperative parts of sustaining dental health if you are missing many pearly whites. Without dentures, chewing food becomes additionally tricky and weight management becomes an issue. Speech problems are normally present in people missing chompers, and false teeth can fix that. Finally, self-esteem can drop when patients are missing pearly whites and unable to smile or speak appropriately. To retain your mouth’s good health, and to keep your weight healthy and your confidence high, please speak with us about false teeth.

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