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When Bleeding Gums Suggest Gum Disease

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You may have noticed droplets of blood in the sink after brushing and wondered why. Read today’s blog about the relationship between bleeding and gum disease. Just to put your mind at ease, bleeding gums aren’t dangerous, but they do mean a checkup is in order to find out the cause.

Gum disease, a very common, but preventable disease, is often due to infection of the tissues that surround and support your teeth, which can result in your gums bleeding. Proper oral hygiene should be the first rule of thumb in preventing gum disease; however, there may be other factors at play. Gum disease could be genetic, and no matter what you do, you develop it. If you think you may be in this type of situation, let Dr. Jeffrey Lowry know. He may have other treatments to help.

Some reasons why your gums may bleed, other than gum disease, could have to do with brushing too forcefully or too rough. Also, if the floss is very thin and sharp, and you have tight spaces between teeth or sensitive gums, it could cause irritation, which may result in bleeding.

There are other reasons why your gums may bleed, but getting an appointment at Jeffrey A Lowry DDS will help solve the issue. We can prescribe a mouth rinse, recommend a smaller and softer toothbrush, and suggest some things you can do at home. We will also keep an eye on the bleeding and ensure if you do have gum disease that it doesn’t get worse and turn into periodontal disease, a more severe form of gum disease.

Call us for an appointment to check for bleeding gums in Riverside, California. You may reach us at 951-263-7001. We are dedicated to not just treating dental disease, but preventing it, so your smile stays healthy and beautiful.