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Your Smile Depends on Choosing the Right Foods and Drinks

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Your smile depends on choosing the right foods and drinks. Although many foods are just another obstacle that stands in the way of optimum oral health, were you aware that there are some foods that have been proven to actually enhance your oral health? Listed below are some helpful foods and tips for your oral health with the spectacular benefits they can offer to your smile:

– Some foods can assist in keeping your mouth clean, such as pears and apples, as they are extremely crunchy and contain large amounts of water.

– Acidic foods are known contributors to dental impairment in the form of dental erosion. Acidic foods to circumvent include tomatoes and citrus fruits.

– If your teeth are exposed to foods constantly they will wear down quicker. If possible, avoid snacking between meals.

– One of the best natural defenses your body offers for your mouth is saliva, which can help wash away harmful products from your mouth and neutralize acids that cause dental erosion. Chewing sugarless gum after meals has been shown to increase saliva production.

– Some foods, such as chicken, cheese, milk, and nuts are all extremely beneficial in enhancing your oral health and re-mineralizing your tooth enamel.

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